Contract Development

Contract Software Development Contract Electronic development

Software Development

  • Embedded software development
    • C / C++ / C#
    • Java
    • ASM
    • PHP / .NET / HTML
  • Embedded operating systems
    • Micro C, Linux
    • Embedded Windows, Win CE
  • Mobile Platforms
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Symbian
    • Java ME
    • iPhone / iPad

Electronic Design

  • Sensors, especially medical
  • Specialty in ultrasonic signal processing
  • Analogue electronics design
  • FPGA, Microcontrollers, DSP
  • LCD, touchscreen, keyboards
  • Wireless communications (Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM)

Medical Technologies

  • CE Mark
  • EMC Services
  • EN 60601 Tests
  • Foreign approvals:FDA / TGA / SFDA / HSA / KFDA
  • Roboust, secure medical systems 

European Engineering

We are looking for accounts for contract development in medical device technology, ultrasonic measurement systems, software development, and manufacturing of electronic equipments.

European Intellectual Property Protection

To create a genuine Single Market in Europe, restrictions on freedom of movement and anti-competitive practices are continuously being reduced as much as possible, while creating an environment favourable to innovation and investment. In this context, the protection of intellectual property is an essential element for the success of the Single Market. In our growing knowledge-based economies the protection of intellectual property is important not only for promoting innovation and creativity, but also for developing employment and improving competitiveness.

Hungarian prices

Hungary is a full member of the European Union but we don't use the EURO currency and we are continuously trying to keep our costs down and our services to you as competitive as possible. We also implemented an efficient sourcing network from Asia and Central Europe.