Research & Development

Special focus

horizon2020-prezivisual-309-235.jpgWe aim to be the best respiratory diagnostic medical device manufacturer and to develop the most innovative pulmonary treatment support solutions. The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation gives a great chance to achieve our targets in Asthma and COPD research and development.




 We regularly participate in joint effort R&D projects related to the following actions:

  • Research

    PC software development for handheld or desktop medical devices,
  • Medical software integration,
  • GDT datatransfer support
  • Medical database development, integration, dedicated databases,
  • Medical data security,
  • Telemedical systems,
  • Wireless medical access integration (e.g. bluetooth)

We have extended references in the following special fields:

  • Communication interface design and development for medical devices,
  • Medical diagnostics data integration.
  • Remote database (Local Area Network) migration and access with client spirometry softwares to satisfy Hospital requirements.


Dedicated Ultrasonic Applications


Idegen Technologyair flow meter for the respiratory diagnostics industry


Idegen Technologygas flow meter for the respiratory monitoring industry


Idegen Technologygas flow meter for geological survey and natural gas flow volume measurement


Tele-medical systems


Respiratory motion correction for the medical imaging industry