VenThor D22/2A

IDEGEN logo (cím alá) Multi-Path Gas Flow and Pressure Sensor

VenThor-22/2A IDEGEN Multi-Path Gas Flow and Pressure Sensor

General Description

VenThor-22/2A is a multi-path IDEGEN logo (cím alá) air / gas flow meter with a proprietary IDEGEN logo (cím alá) measurement technique. VenThor-22/2A can be used in certain human breathing related applications.


  • Bidirectional Pressure Sensor
  • Suitable for specific human medical ventilation applications
  • Flow diameter compatible with most human ventilators and ventilator testers
  • Inherent BTPS correction: flow volume measurement depends on the quantity
    and energy of gas molecules
  • Built-in automatic internal calibration, less than 0.1 sec calibration time.
  • Zero obstacle, no moving parts. The flow sensor can be used as a direct human breathing monitor, inhale or exhale channels
  • Quick and easy integration software package with source code
  • USB hardware data interface (Serial / RS232 / TTL serial also available upon request)
  • Plug-and-play software interface


Precision: up to 2 %
Resolution: 5 mL/sec
Flow Range: +- 8 L/Sec
Digital sampling rate: 100 MHz
Dynamic range: 15 l/s2
Pressure Sensor: Temperature Compensated: Over -40° to +125°C
Calibrated: -25 to 25 kPa (-3.6 to 3.6 psi)
5.0% Maximum Error: Over 0° to 85°C
Flow dimensions: 22 mm (OD) X 150 mm
Device dimensions: 27 X 60 X 150 mm
Communication: USB (RS232 / Serial interface available upon request)
Power Supply: USB 5 V
Measurement principle:
IDEGEN logo medium

National Instruments LabView Drivers available