Disinfectant Concentrate

Instrument disinfectant concentrate

Instrument Disinfectant Concentrate

General description

INSTRUMED is a cleansing instrument disinfectant concentrate which uses the latest in active agents, adjuvants and corrosion protection compounds, with a wide anti-microbial spectrum of application. INSTRUMED is a yellow coloured, mildly viscous product with a distinctive aroma, which allows it to be distinguished from other medical instrument disinfectants.


Preparation of the disinfectant solution

Using an appropriately large container, fill with10 litres of tap water at a temperature not warmer than 40 °C. To this add the disinfectant to the appropriate cubic volume, for example in the case of a 2% solution add 2dl, for a 1% solution add 1dl, and so on.

The working solution must always be prepared fresh before being used.

Appropriate concentrations and exposure time

  • 3 % solution effective within 15 minutes
  • 2 % solution effective within 30 minutes
  • 1 % solution effective within 60 minutes

In the solution sterilisation occurs with

  • 5 % solution effective within 3 hours

The disinfectant's effectiveness

Into the pre-prepared working solution of INSTRUMED place the instruments that are to be disinfected. Ensure that these are fully immersed in the solution, such that the internal surfaces of hollow instruments and any cavities are completely filled. The unsterilized instruments should only fill roughly 2/3rds of the usable volume of the sterilisation container. During the sterilisation process the sterilisation container must be covered with a sterilised lid. Following the appropriate exposure time the instruments should be rinsed in running water.

!!! Warning !!!

It is forbidden to mix with other cleansers or disinfectants!

Permit number: ORKI: CE1011

The product's raw materials are procured from strictly monitored sources. Throughout the complete production process the applicable certification quality control standards are enforced, namely, GMP, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 (for medical equipment utensils).

Areas of Application:

the disinfection of syringes, needles, accessories, dental instruments (bits, mirrors, etc.,), other metal utensils, sedative and respiration appliances and rubber utensils, anaesthesia utensils before sterilisation, in addition to full sterilisation of a wide range of instruments by immersal in solution. Further areas of application are the sterilisation of utensils used by the cosmetics and beauty industry (hairdressers, cosmeticians).


bis(3-aminopropyl)-dodecylamine (9%); N,N-Dodecyl-N-methyl-N-polyoxethyl-ammonium-propionat, (8.5%); Piperazine; fatty alcohol-polyglycol-ether; 1.4-Butanediol; Water

Microbiological effectiveness:

Bactericidal (MRSA, too), Fungicidal, Virucidal (Hepatitis B and HIV inactivating preparation), Sporocidal, Tuberculocidal.


Exceptional disinfectant properties, chloride free, aldehyde-free.


can be stored in the original, intact, uncompromised container for up to 3 years. Store between 0-25 °C, away from naked flames or combustible materials.

Fire hazard classification:

"C" - moderate fire hazard.

Delivery classification:

UN 3267 RID/ADR 8 III.

"R" statements regarding the risks of this product:

  • R 22 Internal consumption harmful.
  • R 34 Can cause burn injuries.

"S" statements regarding the safe usage of this product:

  • S 2 Should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • S 13 Must not be stored close to food, drink or other food stuffs.
  • S 25 Contact with the eyes must be avoided.
  • S 26 On contact with the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • S 28 On contact with skin wash off immediately with plenty of water.
  • S 36/37/39 suitable protective clothing, gloves, goggles and facemasks must be worn.
  • S 45 In the event of an accident or feeling ill medical advice must be sought and this labelling shown.